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2018 (National Trust Books)

‘There were once people who walked lightly. Who heard, in the space between their footsteps, reverberations and echoes of the fissures and caverns that lay below. Otherworlds and underworlds. Places that spoke to them.’​​

In Dark Places by Wyl Menmuir is the launch title for a series of pocket-size fiction, inspired by the history and environment of National Trust places.

​In this darkly atmospheric story, a young couple on their honeymoon set out to explore Cheddar Gorge, only to find themselves increasingly distanced from one another as the presence of the claustrophobic caves closes in around them…


In 2018, In Dark Places was reprinted in Salt Publishing’s anthology, Best British Short Stories 2018 and online in The Barcelona Review.

‘Thoroughly and delightfully brilliant. It has a thrilling sense of deep time. Inspirational.’
Rob Cowen, author of Common Ground

‘In Dark Places leads us ever-deeper into the Cheddar caves, away from the tourist shallows and towards an underworld where few people have ventured and still fewer come out. It’s a cool, polished tale that contains dizzying depths; a whispered ghost-story that makes a vast haunted house of the ground beneath our feet.
Xan Brooks, author of The Clocks in This House All Tell Different Times

‘In Dark Places is immersive, a word that we can use for such a small fraction of the books out there. But it truly is… in this fantastic novella, it becomes clear that this writer sees more in the darkness than we readers see in the light.’
Brandon Evans

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